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My Self Care Tips

My self care tips to relax, boost mood, handle anxiety, depression, flashbacks etc.

1. Sunshine
– sitting on my balcony, lying on the grass or going for a walk in the sun

2. Calming sounds
– opening my window and noticing the sound of the leaves shaking in the wind

3. Essential oils
– especially lavender oil I will put into my hands and breathe it in

4. Taking a bath
– a hot one (to relax) or a cold one (to boost my mood)

5. Wearing earplugs
– it helps me to keep my focus inside and block out triggers

6. Preparing & eating delicious food
– taking my time preparing and eating food that is tasty and/or nourishing for my body

7. Reaching out
– texting a friend, sharing my thoughts and feelings with another, non-judging being, is so important to feel whole

8. Laughing
– I love to watch funny Youtube videos that can make me laugh and lighten my mood

9. Moving my body
wether that be by going for a long walk, jumping up and down on the spot, twerking, doing squats, high kicks, dancing or doing simple yoga excersises it instantly puts me in a better mood to move my body and get my heart rate going

10. Crying
crying is not necessarily a sign that something is wrong, mostly for me it’s a release of tension and stored energy in my body. It can feel scary to let go and allow myself to cry, but it’s necessary for me to do to be able to relax more – when I feel like crying but can’t cry my whole body tense up and I’m in a bad mood, as soon as I cry I feel more okay

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