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How to Follow my Patterns

Most of my recent patterns follow measurements. Here I will guide you to my patterns.

If you are new:

  • read the first 1-2 pages from start to finish – this will tell you all you need in terms of materials, stitches, the process and measurements
  • take your measurements – use my video as a guide to help you – and write them down
  • do one step at a time (instead of reading through the whole pattern, as that can be too much at a time)
  • if you are unsure about anything go back to “Process” section or if there is a video/photo look at that as a help

    If you are intermediate/advanced:
  • you might not have to read everything to begin with – maybe you already know the stitch abbreviations
  • look at the materials used
  • take your measurements – write them down
  • go to the actual pattern (if you need further instructions read the “Process” section.

Here are some videos that might be helpful:

Don’t hestitate to contact me on Instagram or via e-mail if you need further assistance. I am always happy to help you in any way that I can.

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