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Free pattern: Jute handbag

Hook: 4 mm
Yarn: Jute and white cotton/linen blend in size 3 or 4.
Stitches (US terms):
dc = double crochet
sc = single crochet
ss = slip stitch
ch = chain

Row 1: Make a chainless foundation with dc until you have 30 stitches, ch 2 and turn over.

Row 2: Make 5 dc in the first stitch, 1 sc in the 5th stitch, 5 dc in the next stitch, 1 sc in the 5th stitch. Finish with 1 sc in the last stitch, ch 2 and turn over.

Row 3-5: Repeat row 2.

Change to the white cotton/linen blend.

Row 6: Make 3 decreased dc stitches, make 1 dc in every stitch until you have 6 stitches left. Make 3 decreased dc stitches, ch 2 and turn over.

Row 7: Make 1 dc in every stitch, ch 2 and turn over.

Row 8-10: Change back to jute. Repeat row 2. Break off the yarn.

Make one more panel but make row 1 with the white yarn.
Make make 1 row with dc in jute and continue from “Row 2”.

Now ss the three sides of the bag together.

Strap: Change to white yarn. Chain 60. Make 1 ss into the opposite side of the back. Chain 1. Make 80 sc around the chains and finish with 1 ss where you started. Chain 1. Single crochet over the edge of the bag and behind the straps. Finish with 1 slip stitch in the first stitch and break off the yarn.

The pattern and finished product is for private use
. Remember to tag @mati_denmark in your posts!
. Pattern may not be sold or distributed. Product made with the pattern may also not be sold.

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