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Checkered Etna top

Checkers: 1 checker = 5 stitches x 3 rows.

Find the video tutorial here.

Change color the following way: in the last stitch of every checker: yarn over, into stitch, yarn over, pull through stitch, yarn over in new color, pull through all loops. Tighten the yarn every time you change color. At the end of every 3rd row is the only time you change color at the last stitch of the row. Once you start to decrease over multiple colors you do the same thing until the checker has less and less stitches. When the checkers at the start and end of the row has 1 stitch less you can blend it into the previous checker and use the same color as you did there.

  1. Follow the pattern for Etna top – but make sure you have 2 colors for your checkers. Use 3 mm hook and size 1/superfine/fingering cotton or tencel. I used a mix of both.
  2. Start with a row with only the primary color (lilac), make sure your stitch number can be divided with 5
  3. Then make 5 stitches in the primary color, then 5 stitches in the secondary color. Repeat.
  4. When 1 checker is 3 rows high you switch and use the opposite color.
  5. Finish with a strap with 130 chains, slip stitch back into the chains, single crochet down the side, when you reach the 1st decrease row you chain 130 again and ss back. Finish the row with sc and do the same on the other side.

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