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Skincare products

My favourite skincare products. This post contains affiliate links, which means by purchasing through these links I get a percentage of the sales. Click the image to go to the product.

I love massaging my hair and messing up my hair with this brush. Bonus tip: flicking the spikes is the best ASMR sound and feels really good.

I barely have any dead skin cells and my itchyosis vulgaris skin is healed – and one of the things I do is use moroccan soap with a kessa glove.

Using a jade roller is a new skincare step for me. I put it in the freezer to de-puff my face in the morning.

I love using argan oil on face, neck and back of hands every morning and/or evening while massaging my skin.

I use gua sha either in the morning or evening – sometimes both. I use a lot of oil and focus on the areas where there is tension.

My go-to cream for body and hands. It is thick but blends into the skin and this is the only cream that has worked for my extreme dry skin.

Castor oil is a very thick oil, which perfect for growing eyelashes and eyebrows, in split ends or simply as a natural lip gloss. I always have a bottle in my bag with me for cracked hands or lips.

Normally I avoid perfume, but this vitamin C serum has really improved my skin, making it look more alive. I use it in the evening.

Every week or so I use my derma roller followed by a massage with argan oil. It has improved my skin texture, removed fine lines and already the next day my skin looks more firm.

The only body scrub I have used that is really good for dry skin and ichthyosis as it is anti bacterial. The small grains also don’t dissolve in the water like many body scrubs.

My newest obsession: vegan tinted lip balm, it comes in multiple colors!

An exellent exfoliating mask that helps remove dead skin cells and brightens and makes the skin look more alive.

This is my favourite overnight mask. It leaves my skin soft and firm and you only need a thin layer. You can massage it into the skin when applying and rinse it off in the morning. The fragrance is derived from natural sources.

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