VIDEO COURSE: How to Construct Clothes + How to Crochet Shorts/Pants


You can use this course to make shorts or pants that you can sell. Just make sure to tag and mention @mati_denmark on social media. The course may not be sold or in any way distributed.


This is a video course. You will get the links to 2 videos (18 min and 27 min, English voiceover). The videos will not show you how to crochet (you can find videos on my youtube on how to make stitches, chainless foundation etc.), but instead teach you how you can begin to construct crochet clothes. The course is intended for beginners but if you are just interested in learning how to understand shorts/pants construction this will be helpful even if you are advanced!

The first video will teach you the basics in constructing crochet clothes – particularly tops

In this course you will learn about:
-minimum and maximum stretch factors (why and how much to subtract from your measurements)
-3 types of clothing constructions for crochet and how to use them (focusing on simple construction: top, sweater, skirt)
– angles/shape/”the grid” (what the angles tell you about decrease/increase)
– how to calculate increases/decreases (using 3 measurements)

The other video is a course on how to make shorts/pants.

This course will teach you:
– what to measure on your body
– how to calculate decrease/increase using your rows and stitches and a measuring tape
– how to make shorts with 4 panels (where the front and back panels are different in size)
– how to insert elastic band to the waist
– how to connect the panels

You will also get a photo that guides you on how to make shorts/pants using 2 panels – where the crotch measurement is different but the panels are the same. This is a simpler method though you still need the  video to understand where to measure and how to calculate increases/decreases.

The course will enable you to make any kind of shorts or pants you like, in any size, using any stitch, yarn and hook you like!

The materials used for my shorts:
Cotton. Size 1/superfine. Yardage: 50 g = 170 m. Double crochet in back and front loop. Elastic band – 3 cm wide, 70 cm long.


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