Want to be featured on @mati_denmark?

Have you made a Mati Denmark design and taken photos of you (or your friend) wearing it?

And would you like to be featured on our Instagram page (where you will be tagged and mentioned)?

In return for sending in your photos you will get a 15% discount code for your next purchase (this is 15% for each design you have photos of).

See the examples above or look through our Instagram for the style of photos we usually go for.


  • at least 2 photos
  • good quality photo (at least 1 mb)
  • good/natural lighting (flash is also ok)
  • your face can be showing or not depending on what you are comfortable with
  • any style of photo is welcome – outdoors, indoors, nature, selfies, mirror photos, street photos etc.
  • close-ups/outfit photos
  • photos of the item being actually worn (if you want to also include flatlays that would be great too)
  • a photo where the item is clearly visible/in focus

  • bad quality photos (or blurry or dark photos) under 1 mb in size
  • lots of people/distractions on the photo
  • photos taken from a long distance and photos where the item is barely visible
  • highly edited/filtered/photoshopped photos (natural is the best option)
  • if you have not followed the actual pattern, but only used the design as inspiration.

Click here to send your photos!