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“I’ve gotten to know myself better, studying during corona, and also dealing with stress. Studying 3-4 courses at the same time, having a job, private life, hobbies, being social, all adds up to 7-8 “tracks” in my minds that is very overwhelming. Then I feel like I can’t do any of it. On the other side of a deadline I feel much lighter because it is DONE. One less track for a period.

My advice to myself is now: Don’t try to do everything all the time. Focus your energy where it feels natural in the moment. Follow your flow. For example, writing an assignment does not get easier by sitting in front of the computer, wondering why you don’t just start writing. Inspiration often comes when doing something completely different.

“That same way no one can take your pain, they can’t take that strength. They hold hands, you hurt and you get stronger.”

“Love is energy, and energy is everything.”

“Hatred never ceases by hatred, but by love alone is healed.”

“On those very difficult days, remember you’ve been there before and you’ve survived every single time.”

“I realised that for many years I kept waiting for life to start. I always looked ahead for the next chapter, never enjoying the one I was in, always wanting more. And then my world shattered and everything stopped because I got sick – and I realised I had been living all along. I should be living, always.

“Giving up is permanent, surrendering to the moment where the world feels like it is crushing you and you can’t make it through to the next morning is self love. When you allow yourself to feel the pain, indulge in the grief, eat comfort food to make the pain feel temporary better, that is when we find the strength to carry on and not give up.

“During this pandemic, I have learned to start unlearning behaviors I’ve picked up growing up in a family where my mom would blame me for things up until now. Every mistake that occurs, she’ll find a way to blame it to every one except herself. At the same time I was trying to understand where she’s coming from since she grew up without parents. And this is her way of coping up. Plus she grew up in a generation of mental health being underplayed.

So yeah ✨unlearning ✨ every day and trying not to respond things out of trauma. Trying to heal and be part pf others healing too. It’s hard so I’m taking one step at a time to better myself and also trying to go through bad days without invalidating my own feelings.

“I’m always learning how to be less strict on myself, give me some space and time to breath and make mistakes without blaming me. It’s hard to let myself be free of the boundaries I set, but I’m working on it and I believe in me. Progress is never a linear process.”

“In spite of everything happening in the world currently, I must admit this is the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. Anxiety is still a constant, but it always has been. The difference is I’m making peace with it and accepting it for what it really is. Not a threat, just an annoying part of being me, I guess.

But I finally acknowledge that I am loved, and not alone, and that I will be okay even when my head tells me otherwise. I’m so lucky to have what I have, nobody lives without hardships and some people out there have it way worse. I’m privileged. And I am grateful, ever so grateful. Be grateful for a small thing in your life everyday and see the difference it makes ❤


“I have noticed how nasty I am to myself sometimes. Then, one day, I thought “why I am being so vicious about this!? I wouldn’t talk to a friend this way, so why do I find this acceptable to my own self!?”

So now, if I hear that little mean voice, I stop myself and think “what would I say to a friend in this situation” it doesn’t work everytime… but it was weird to realise I treated myself so poorly when I actually feel like I do love myself, so I am definitely working on that!!!

“nothing is permanent. the bad and sad will fade, and the good might turn sour. learn to enjoy the good while it lasts, and don’t dwell on the bad because dwelling just makes it last longer.”

 “I’ve been letting the past ruin my present.. but life isn’t a fairytale.. we can choose our reactions.. we can choose to be happy. Simple things like waking up, hearing the birds, feeling the sun, the rain, the wind on your face. That’s the fairytale.”

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