in Croactian MATI means mother and home. MATI is founded by Matilde Linn in 2020.

I started making crochet patterns in a time in my life where I was living with chronic anxiety. I loved making feminine, soft, romantic and comfortable items that would never go out of style. The patterns are both a result of this chaos (if you find mistakes or other deficiencies, this is why) but making mistakes has been a blessing in disguise, because it taught me to follow my intuition and experiment.

Crocheting for a living – and being able to support myself – in turn meant finally being able to tap into my feminine energy; lean back, slow down, rest more and find everyday moments of positive sensations to make life worth living. This is why self-care is how I live and breathe and such a big part of my approach to life and creating. It is, together with creating, what saves me.

I hope that my universe of slow self-care can make you feel comfortable & confident.

Feel free to reach out to me through the contact form or through Instagram.