MATI is founded by Matilde Linn Rudolph in 2020. Here you can find crochet patterns, e-books, courses, help with your self-employment crafting journey, read interviews from other crafters, learn to crochet or purchase one off crochet items.

MATI is my nickname. The name has many meanings, but in Croatian it means both mother and home – this captures the essence of my designs, as they are made to both be homy, comfortable and feminine.

Many of my patterns are created from a time in my life where I was living in surival mode. Due to complex PTSD I was in chronic stress, which meant night terrors and hypervigilance. I did not get any outside help, I was unable to work and being in the system had created more trauma for me.

I needed a safe space to be, heal and create. But at the same time I felt this urgency to produce lots of patterns because I had to survive and pay my bills and get food on the table. So though my intention was to heal it was also just a very stressful and difficult time for me and it resulted in patterns that had many flaws and mistakes – but it also had an upside; it led me to understand the value of intuitive patterns.

My patterns are a mix of this chaos I lived in (if you find mistakes or typos, or other deficiencies, this is why) as well as a result of me attempting to both heal and simultaneously create intuitive patterns (because of my desire for freedom, ease, creativity and to remind myself and other that there is not at right way to be or create).

Read more about why I make intuitive patterns here.

My hope is that my simple crochet designs will help you feel strong, unique, beautiful, embraced, worthy and capable both when making and wearing them.

Feel free to reach out to me through the contact form or through Instagram.