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My creative approach is very similar to my healing approach; softness, effortlessness, compassion and gentleness. Whether I am creating something or caring for my mental health, the more I force myself the worse the process is for me. It is important for me to allow myself to feel what I feel, let myself be guided by the process I am in, give in to it, not control it. Attempting to be perfect and forcing the creative process takes all the fun of it.

That is the constant in my life: always returning to my self-love, being present with what is here, being aware, learning to understand myself deeper, healing the past, treating myself with kindness and patience, and learning to hold myself in my deepest pain.

Starting a crochet business saved me. It meant that I didn’t have to live on the streets, it saved me when I felt alone and broken, when the thought of death was more bearable than having to continue to live in constant stress and survival mode. Creating makes me feel capable, confident and that I matter in the world.

Being self-employed also meant finally having time and energy to care for my mental health, to practise how to be okay with my emotions, learn to understand my fear about other people, why I felt toxic shame and was scared of blushing and being visible, let go of my people pleasing and hyper-independency and allow myself to be supported by others. This automatically affected my business as well – from being a workaholic that worked every waking hour, to having a much more laid back and healthy approach to my worklife.

I hope that the techniques and inisght I have gathered through my 15 years of healing childhood trauma, shame, stress, complex PTSD, anxiety and depression can help someone out there or at least make someone feel less alone.

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