Why I make intuitive patterns

Read more about why I begun making intuitive patterns here.

Intuitive patterns are not for everyone.
Some people prefer to be told exactly how many stitches and rows to make, in what stitch to do the increase and when to break off the yarn. But I myself have not liked this method in creating, and so when I started making patterns I started making them for myself.

Intuitive patterns stray away from regular patterns in that they are made to make you create and work more freely and independently and rely less on instructions.

It is also to teach you that there is no right way to create (or no right way to make patterns) – and especially when it comes to crochet as the hook gives us so much freedom. So why be forced to work in a box?

What are intuitive patterns?

  • simplicity
  • less instructions
  • using measurements
  • sometimes no or few process photos
  • no gauge or stitch markers
  • example: “make 5 increases randomly on every 3rd row” or “repeat this row until you have this measurement”
  • most times you can use the yarn and hook you’d like
  • not giving you all the answers or too many explanations

Why intuitive patterns?

  • to be more free of the pattern (so you don’t have to look down every other minute)
  • to use your imagination, logic sense and think for yourself
  • to activate your brain to think of your own solution
  • to help you see the whole product instead of just the details
  • to teach you that no creation has to be made in a specific way
  • to inspire you to make your own garment
  • to give you opportunity to freestyle and not follow the pattern to a T
  • to teach you about garment construction and using what you have already crocheted as a guide
  • to encourage you to try it on as you go and make adjustments to your liking
  • to be more size inclusive – as with intuitive patterns you can make the garment in the size you want

If you don’t like intuitive patterns, consider these patterns that use set sizes: