The Healing Craft Series: Ariane

Name: Ariane
United States
Tiktok: @ari.yarn

About the series

The Healing Craft Series features creators sharing their thoughts and feelings on crafting and healing through crafting.

“Some of my best projects were born from “happy accidents”. You never know if a new idea will blossom from it!”

Ariane, @ari.yarn

What kind of craft do you do and how long have you been doing it for?

Aside from being a musician, my main craft is crochet! I’ve been doing it for the last 4 years.
It was a hobby that I accidentally fell in love with. For years, I had no interest in any of the fiber arts. I had always assumed it was an activity for grandmas and that you could only make blankets and winter accessories. I decided to try it when a friend of mine told me it helped her cope with her stress and anxiety. I began to teach myself the basics through Youtube, and that is where I discovered that I could create clothing through crochet. Fashion and art are my biggest passions, so it is amazing that I can channel that through crochet.

What is your favourite place/time of day to craft and why?

You can find me crocheting at any time of the day. I think the best place to crochet is any place where the sun can hit me, whether it’s sitting outside or on the couch in my living room with the light shining in. To be honest though, most days I am crocheting on my bed! I feel most creative and productive at night.

What inspires you (in life & in crafting)?

An overwhelming amount of things inspire me. I am easily inspired by the eclectic decor in my house, nature, other artists/designers, and current fashion trends. 

How has/is crafting helping you and your mental health?

It has helped me with learning how to be present in the moment. 

Good things take time. Crochet is a time consuming craft, but I am always so excited to see my hard work pay off in the end when the garments I’ve imagined have finally come to life. 

The importance of getting things done even if you don’t feel like doing so. Sometimes in crochet, there are parts that can get tedious such as counting the amount of starting chains you’ve made or getting the tension of your yarn right. But once you get past these steps, everything that comes after is easier. I apply this to daily life, because sometimes there are essential things we may not want to do but we have to do it in order to move forward. 

What is your advice to other creators (or newly started creators)?

Practise and don’t be so hard on yourself!

Allow yourself to make mistakes. Not everything you create will turn out how you want, and that’s OK. Over time you will see that this is all part of the learning process. Some of my best projects were born from “happy accidents”. You never know if a new idea will blossom from it! 

Ask yourself, “What would I make if the world couldn’t see?”: Basically, create what you want. Create from the heart. There is nothing wrong with experimenting with different styles, but try not to get caught up in creating things that you think will get you the most “likes” and stay true to your own visions.

Take breaks and stretch! Very important to avoid injuries!

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