E-book: Intuitive Crochet / Intuitiv Hækling (ENG/DA) + Video Tutorial


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What is it?: An e-book + a video tutorial (25 min, English voice over) on how to make an intutive sweater from start to finish. Read more about the video here
Language: Dansk & English
Pages: 46 / 49
Pictures: Yes, both templates/drawings and photos of the process.
The book requires: That you know the basic crochet stitches.
Reading: You can read from beginning to end, or start with the last chapters. The templates will make most sense when the whole book is read.

You’ll be introduced to: Intuitive Sweater, Intuitive Top/Dress, Intuitive Cardigan.

The book is good for: both beginners/trained and you who’s never tried making your own crochet clothes. Most importantly: you need to have the interest, open-ness and patience to learn to use your intuition, gut feeling and creativity to make clothes from scratch.

This is a method I invented myself when I wanted to learn to crochet clothes but didn’t want to complicate the process..
It’s easy to adjust the technique to whatever item you want to make.
The method works for clothes that is either is open in the front or goes around the body like: jackets, tops, vests, sweaters, cardigans, wrap-sweaters, skirts, dresses etc.
All the clothes you see on the front picture is made with this technique.

The book teaches you: 

– To make clothes that you can try on as you go, with no seams or measuring or planning – you can start today!
– Simple templates and a unique process that helps you to start making your own clothes
– To use your intuition, senses, be present and to try on the clothes as you go. Making the process lively, playful, present, spontaneous and you’ll never know where and how the design will evolve
– How to make simple clothes for instance a sweater/cardigan with no decreases/increases

The book does not teach you: how to crochet, take measurements, how many stitches you have to make or other things that a normal crochet pattern might tell you.

1. Introduction to crochet (p4)
Hook (p4)
Crochet tension (p5)
Cotton (p5)
Yarn weight (p7)
Texture and fall (p7)
Stitches (p10)

2. Learn to crochet your own clothes (p13)

Basis pattern for sweater (p13)
Crochet techniques (p16)
Introduction to the tube (p19)
Intuitive Sweater (p25)
Intuitive Dress/Top (p29)
Intuitive Cardigan (p31)

3. Intuitive crochet (p34)

Learn to crochet intuitively (p34)
Keep an open mind (p36)
Learn to use your senses (p39)
Handmade is not perfect (p44)
Learn to make mistakes (p46)

4. Summary (p49)


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