The Healing Craft Series

The Healing Craft Series features creators sharing their thoughts and feelings about crafting and healing through crafting.
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I’m always looking for creatives who want to share their thoughts – sign up below if you want to be interviewed for the sseries.

(DANSK) Rikke, Denmark
Zoe, England
Pia, Philippines
Emma, UK
Ecem, Germany
Zeynep, UK
(DANSK) Nanna, Denmark
Gemini, 26, UK
Elizabeth, US
Bretony, USA
Mia, Denmark
Henessy, Australia
Klara, Netherlands
(DANSK) Louise, Denmark
Madeline, United States
Julia, United States
Prudence, Singapore
Flavia, Canada
Natasha, 19, Canada
Daria, Poland
Amanda, Australia
Anastasiia, Russia
Rebecca, Canada
Ming, Singapore
Emma, Alaska
Jessica, Italy
(DANSK)Mette Marie, Denmark
King, Phillipines
Alex, Sweden
(DANSK) Mia-Marie, Denmark
Orianna, 21, US
Tanisha, India
Jordan, USA
Pernille, Denmark
Amy, USA
Matilde, Denmark
Moa, Sweden
Tailte, Northern Ireland
Evie, England
Olivia, United States
Mia, United States
Gina, United States
Jaynaya, Australia
Angelina, UK
Rhian, UK
Lemai, USA
Hayli, USA
Anne, Estonia
Ariane, USA

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