What are digital products?
Crochet patterns, video tutorials, video courses and e-books.

Do I get the digital product in my mailbox or in my e-mail?
After your purchase you will immediately be able to download the files that you bought. You will also get an automatic order email with the download links. Make sure to check your spam-folder as the email sometimes ends up there. If you for some reason did not receive an email it may be becauses you entered the wrong email address – contact me directly so I can resend the email to you.

What language are the digital products?
Always English and most patterns are also in Danish. Two patterns – Selene and Dahlia are also available in Spanish.

I have sent an email but haven’t gotten a response
I answer emails between Monday and Friday, if you have not heard back from me send me a message on Instagram – maybe your mail got lost!

Is there any discount?
Yes. When buying 2-5 digital products at a time there is a discount.
2 patterns: 10 %, 3 patterns: 15 %, 4 patterns: 20%, 5 patterns: 25%
If you want to buy 6 or more products at a time I suggest you make two separate orders to get discount on both.

Everytime a new digital product is either published or updated there will be a 30 % discount for usually 48 hours.

Do you have discount codes?
Yes. You can get a discount code of 5 % by submitting your feedback if you find any mistakes in an already purchased pattern.


Can I sell the items I make with your pattern?
No, I don’t allow products made with my patterns to be sold as these are my designs and is for you to make for yourself or your friends and family – so only for private use not to make money from. The same goes for the free patterns, even though it’s free it’s still my creations and my unique designs that I just chose to share for free.

How difficult are your patterns?
My patterns are made quite simple but some will be a little more difficult than others. Therefore it’s a good idea to read the description first and check out if the pattern has a video tutorial or photos to guide you as this will also be helpful.

What terms are used in the patterns?
US terms are used in the patterns, for the yarn I use both US and UK terms. Check out this page to read more.

Where is the video for my pattern?
Some patterns don’t have videos. But either the video will be as a link on the last page of the written pattern or it will be a download link in your order email.

What are the sizes?
Some patterns will have sizes and others will be made to measure. This means that it can be made in any size (for adults only – so from XXS and up). If you want to make the clothes for children or smaller sizes I suggest you make sure to try and measure your first round or row against the body and subtracting less than what is stated in the pattern.

Why do I have to subtract from my measurements?
For patterns made to measure you generally have to subtract because crochet always gives in size. This number is a guide, as sometimes your tension might be different or the yarn or hook you use will have a different stretch – so it’s always a good idea to measure on your body as you go. The patterns are meant to be intuitive and something you can try on as you go, for the most parts. So if it seems to tight/too loose, subtract or add more to the measurement and if you can try on the first round or row to see how it fits you.


Can I sell the items made with your video course?
Yes, you can. The courses are to teach you about crochet, clothing construction and such and therefore the patterns are not really a pattern but more instructions on how to make clothes. Therefore the product you make can be totally unique. I will however ask you to tag me when you share on social media as the techniques I share are ones that I have developed myself.

Can I make a pattern based on your course or a video based on your pattern?
The course itself is for educational purposes (as are the patterns and e-books) and therefore the actual technique and construction is unique. I don’t allow my courses and patterns to be used for videos, patterns etc. but it’s a good idea to ask first becaue there are always excpetions and if you do want to use any of my techniques or stitches I ask you to let me know first and also credit me always.


I have accidentally bought two of the same patterns, what do I do?
Contact me and I will refund you for the one pattern.

Can I cancel a digital purcase?
No, there is no return on digital items – so remember to be sure about your purchase before hand. If you accidentally added two of the same products you can always get a refund though.

Can I cancel a physical purchase?
Contact me immediately – as I will send out the order the same day, so if you want to cancel it has to be as soon as possible.

Can I return a physical purchase?
No, there are no return on physical items. I get that sometimes the physical items don’t live up to our expectations. But the price of the shipping as well as the time spent on the item is not worth it. So be sure about your purchase before hand and make sure to contact me if you are unsure about something before buying.


Can I pay in my own currency?
The currency on the website is in Danish Krone so you pay in DKK. To check out how much it is in your currency, you can use the website http://www.xe.com or scroll down in the Shop to find a currency converter.


Do you sell custommade items?
No, I don’t sell custommade items anymore.

Do you sell ready-made items?
Yes, I sell crochet jewelry and one off items of garments used for photoshoots.


Do you ship internationally?
Yes I ship to every country in the world.

What is the shipping method?
I ship with Post Nord and DAO and for most orders it will be tracked. For smaller items it will be sent as a letter.

How long does the shipping take?
After placing your order I have to accept it. Then it will be ship within the next couple of days.
In Denmark the estimated shipping time is 3-5 business days. International is 5-10 business days.
Bare in mind that there might be delays during holidays and because of COVID.

What does shipping cost?
Shipping is free to every country in the world.

Do you need more help?
Then contact me directly and I will get back to you asap.