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How to Follow my Patterns

Most of my patterns are suitable for size XS and above. Making childrens version can be possible with some, but most is suited for adult women and girl.

Most of my patterns are intuitive. For instance a pattern can say “make 5 increases spread out on every 3rd row” or “repeat this row until you have this measurement”.

The intention with this is

  • become more free of the pattern (you don’t have to look in the pattern all the time)
  • avoid using gauge and stitch markers
  • to create freely and think for yourself (instead of being given all the answers)
  • inspire you to understand design & construction so you eventually can make your own garment from scratch

    A very important thing is to: try on as you go – also the first row or round! This will give you the best idea on the fit.
    In terms of adding or subtracting from the measurements, this is just an approximate guide as every body and gauge is different.

    Sometimes it will for instance say: waist – 52 cm. And my example could say: 85 – 52 = 33 cm.
    If this technique doesn’t fit with your measurements you can also use the dividing technique. My example: 85 / 33 = 2,5

    This means you can take your waist measurement and divide with 2,5.

If you are new:

  • read the first 1-2 pages from start to finish – this will tell you all you need in terms of materials, stitches, the process and measurements
  • take your measurements – use my video as a guide to help you – and write them down
  • do one step at a time (instead of reading through the whole pattern, as that can be too much at a time)
  • if you are unsure about anything go back to “Process” section or if there is a video/photo look at that as a help

    If you are intermediate/advanced:
  • you might not have to read everything to begin with – maybe you already know the stitch abbreviations
  • look at the materials used
  • take your measurements – write them down
  • go to the actual pattern (if you need further instructions read the “Process” section.)

Here are some videos that might be helpful:

Don’t hestitate to contact me on Instagram or via e-mail if you need further assistance. I am always happy to help you in any way that I can.

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