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A simple pattern for this romantic dress with elastic thread. The skirt has some flare and is see-through which makes is comfortable for Summer – just wear nude or same colored underwear under to make it less see-through (or use smaller stitches – see under STITCHES).

The dress can either be tied crossed or open in the front, tied in the neck and tied with knots on the back (see photos). You can also use this pattern if you only want a top, waist/belt or you can make the dress in a shorter version. If you want even more width on the skirt choose increase more often (as explained at the very end of the pattern). Pattern follows measurements so you can make it in any size and length you’d like. There is also a section on how to make the wide straps if those are more you.

It is prefered that you already are familiar with my patterns as this pattern is written out very simplisticly and intuitively – you will not get a pattern saying Row 1, row 2, row 3 etc. This means that you will be more free of the written pattern and focus more on the crocheting part – the pattern tells you what to crochet and what to measure. Pattern is 2 pages in total including information about materials etc.

You also get a video tutorial (link and pattern may not be shared with anyone else), so if you are a beginner this is great as you will get more visuals. Video shows you an intuitive way to do increases, where you use your intuition to know when to increase (so you don’t need stitch markers). Video link is in the written pattern.

The dress is made the following way: the waist part is made first, then you crochet the bust directly out from the waist, on the other end of the waist part you crochet the skirt part. Thereby you are not making panels to be connected but instead making each part as an extention to the previous.


Elastic thread, 1 mm, link to elastic thread – preferably use it in the same color as your yarn (affiliate)
3 mm hook
Cotton. Size 1/superfine/fingering
50 g = 160 m
Link to yarn (affiliate)
I used 344 g for my size S/M
Skirt length: 62 cm
My height: 168 cm
Add/remove about 25 g/80 m for each size you go up/down.

slip stitch
single crochet
double crochet
double treble

You can use different hook, yarn and stitches but bare in mind that the smaller the hook/stitches, the more flared the skirt, the larger the hook/stitches the less flared the skirt will be.


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