The Healing Craft Series: Amy

Name: Amy
22 years old
Virginia, USA

About the series

The Healing Craft Series features creators sharing their thoughts and feelings on crafting and healing through crafting.

“If it wasn’t for this creative outlet I think I would have lost a part of myself along the way. It keeps me excited and inspired and gives me hope.”

Amy, @sjo.handmade

What kind of craft do you do and how long have you been doing it for?

I am a fiber artist, I crochet and use a manual knitting machine to make clothes out of yarn. I started crocheting 5 years ago and have been teaching myself to use a knitting machine for the past year and a half. 

What is your favourite place/time of day to craft and why?

My favorite time to craft is in the mornings. I don’t often have the opportunity for this due to my classes, but mornings are such a peaceful and productive time for me. The best place to create is at a large clean desk or in a comfortable chair/couch with good back support. 

What inspires you (in life & in crafting)?

I am constantly inspired by my surroundings and a lot of my creative passion comes from nature. I love mossy forest floors with tangled tree roots. I love the random patterns of inconsistencies, cracks and fungi that you find on rocks and mountains. I love the noise of running water and the smell of living pine trees. There is just so much energy and art in nature and I try to channel those images and feelings into my work. 

How has/is crafting helping you and your mental health?

My relationship with creating and mental health is a long story… Throughout college I have met many challenges and hard times. Studying mechanical engineering has craved a lot of time and energy as well as changed the way I think. It has made me more logical and more calculated. If it wasn’t for this creative outlet I think I would have lost a part of myself along the way. It keeps me excited and inspired and gives me hope.

What is your advice to other creators (or newly started creators)?

My advice for other creators… I find my best flow when I feel like a good person inside. When I feel productive and kind and honest. So my advice would be to always try to lift others up, include people whenever you can, and in general try to be a positive presence to yourself and those around you.

Also be kind to yourself. Slow down and allow yourself to relax and find joy in the things you do (like crocheting). That’s also just general advice for anyone, not just makers obviously!

Anything else you’d like to share?

Lastly, the maker community on Instagram is such an accepting and supportive community, so stay humble and always credit your inspirations! People will notice if you lead your craft with integrity.

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