The Healing Craft Series: Jaynaya

Name: Jaynaya
19 years old

About the series

The Healing Craft Series features creators sharing their thoughts and feelings on crafting and healing through crafting.

“Crocheting is so calming for me. I find counting stitches as mediative as counting breaths.”

Jaynaya, @wildflowertea_crochet

What kind of craft do you do and how long have you been doing it for?

I crochet and have been since my mum taught me around three years ago. I’ve really gotten into it in the past year though, especially during lockdown.

What is your favourite place/time of day to craft and why?

I love to just settle in and relax at the end of the day with a crochet project while I watch a movie or show to keep my hands occupied because I get all fidgety otherwise.

What inspires you (in life & in crafting)?

There’s so much beauty and joy in the world to appreciate and look to for inspiration. A lot of my projects were made because of this drive to create some joy to put back in the world whether I’m making it for myself or for others to cherish.

How has/is crafting helping you and your mental health?

Crocheting is so calming for me. I find counting stitches as mediative as counting breaths.

As I mentioned earlier, it keeps my hands busy even if my mind is distracted and racing, as it often is with my anxiety. Even better, I find it helps me become more focused the longer I do it, too.

Another aspect that crafting is invaluable for is just the pride you feel when you look back at your work. Regardless of whether it is good or not, you still created something of thin air that wouldn’t have been made otherwise, which is just the most amazing feeling.

What is your advice to other creators (or newly started creators)?

Never stop learning and practicing and enjoy the process of all your pieces as they come together. I think it’s also really important to anchor yourself first when it comes to what you make—are you making this for your own joy?

Anything else you’d like to share?

As well as lockdown, the crochet community on Instagram was a huge part of why I got back into crochet and making garments for the first time. It’s such a lovely, warm space that inspires and motivates me and being able to join in has been such a pleasure!

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