The Healing Craft Series: Ming

Name: Ming Shiuan
Etsy & Ravelry: MongsCrochet

About the series

The Healing Craft Series features creators sharing their thoughts and feelings on crafting and healing through crafting.

“In times when I’m busy, I save an hour or two of crochet for the end of the day when all my tasks are done, and I can relax guilt-free”

Ming Shiuan, @mongscrochet

What kind of craft do you do and how long have you been doing it for?

I’ve been doing crochet for 3 years now, and I specialise in making crochet clothing! I started knitting when I was 11 which set the basis for me picking up crochet.

What is your favourite place/time of day to craft and why?

I love crocheting on the bus! Something about being on the move while your hands are busy is really therapeutic, and also helps me use travelling time productively. I like to crochet at any time of the day.

What inspires you (in life & in crafting)?

Music and atmosphere inspires me. I pay attention to my physical surroundings whenever I’m crafting, studying or being creative. Calm environments with good lighting, chill vibey music and some earl grey tea is my favourite situation to work in. For my crochet clothing, I take inspiration from real life clothing that I see others wearing on the streets.

How has/is crafting helping you and your mental health?

The repetitive motion of crochet helps me relieve stress and reduce anxiety. In times when I’m busy, I save an hour or two of crochet for the end of the day when all my tasks are done, and I can relax guilt-free. Having crochet projects on hand at any time keeps me mentally engaged, and helps me feel more driven. In my down times, my craft gives me an outlet to focus on the present, even if just for a while.

What is your advice to other creators (or newly started creators)?

Remember the purpose and intention behind your craft. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by ‘indicators’ of your performance on social media, but when you start taking note of them that’s when crafting stops being fun (this is a reminder to myself as well).
Take breaks whenever you need it, when you’re ready to roll you’ll be at your most creative and come up with great original ideas!

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