The Healing Craft Series: Prudence

Name: Prudence Wong
20 years old

About the series

The Healing Craft Series features creators sharing their thoughts and feelings on crafting and healing through crafting.

“I get inspired by everything and anything.
I can be eating noodles while watching Youtube and “ding!” an idea pops in my head”[…]

Prudence Wong, @eggomete

What kind of craft do you do and how long have you been doing it for?

I’ve been crocheting since the end of 2018 but was always too busy with school to complete one project. It was not until the start of 2020 when I finally graduated, which have given me ample of time to crochet!

Apart from crocheting I’ve been designing since I was really young but only done it professionally since 2017 (check out my website).

What is your favourite place/time of day to craft and why?

After dinner on my bed with music playing in the background. The best thing to do while waiting for my food to digest with the comfort of my bed, hook and yarn.

What inspires you (in life & in crafting)?

In life, my mom inspires me the most. She’s super creative so I’ve seen her design, craft and even crochet things which made me fall in love with the arts! I kind of followed in her footsteps.

As for my works, I get inspired by everything and anything. I can be eating noodles while watching Youtube and “ding!” an idea pops in my head, staring blankly into the sky or even when I’m about to fall asleep (worst time to have an idea).

How has/is crafting helping you and your mental health?

Craft is my best friend. Crocheting / designing actually really helps to calm me down and take my mind off stressful things in life. Not to mention it definitely helped improve my patience! I am constantly excited to create new things now that I have the time to. The final product always makes me the happiest.

What is your advice to other creators (or newly started creators)?

Do whatever that makes you happy! Don’t be upset to make mistakes because no one is perfect (cliché but true). We can never learn without failures. Always believe in yourself!

Anything else you’d like to share?

You can do anything as long as you put your heart and soul into it!

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