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Doris Cropped Sweatshirt

Hook: 6 mm
445 grams for my size small/medium. Link to the yarn I used here (affiliate) – number 23 – light grey
Stitches: Single crochet in back loop, half double crochet, double crochet and chainless foundation.


  • Follow the pattern + pattern guide for Doris Sweater
  • If you want it cropped then measure to just under the bust – make sure to measure over your bust.
  • You are making the front and back panels with single crochet in back loop and half double crochet through both loops. I had 8 stitches of single crochet for the rib edge.
  • You are continously making the rib edge in one side of the row – like you do the sleeves.
  • For the neck part you are making 1 decrease per row – until you are half way – then make 1 increase per row for the same number of rows – this way you get a slight “v” shape for the neck part.
  • Finish the rest of the panel like you started it.

  • The sleeves are made with double crochet through both loops and single crochet in back loop.
  • You make them the same way as you do with the Doris Sweater
  • But you are going to make the sleeves slightly wider – so make sure to add a couple of rows more. Try on the sleeve on your arm as you go.

  • Connect the panels as you do for the Doris sweater
  • Finish by making a single crochet edge over the neck opening.

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