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Ellie shorts guide

Hook: 6 mm
Yarn: Size 4/aran/worsted. Find yarn here (affiliate)
Stitches: Single crochet in back loop and half double crochet.

  1. Follow the Ellie shorts pattern and use the same measurements as describes. I made mine short – but just make sure the full length is longer than the crotch length.
  2. When doing the decreasing on the crotch and the hips, you are going to decrease less. I decreased about half as many stitches per row than the pattern says. Sometimes I only decreases 1/3.
  3. As the pattern is quite intuitive it won’t matter if you on some rows make less decreases than on others – just as long as front and front have the same stitches when you end the panel (and back and back have the same stitches at the end of the decreasing).
  4. For the waist. You are going to make half double crochet stitches through both loops. I made approximately 1-2 hdc per single crochet row – but just make sure to spread them out so you are not increasing on the waist band.
  5. You do the same as in the pattern, but you don’t insert elastic at the end – just make a small opening inside the waistband so you can insert a waist tie.
  6. Sew the waistband close and then use a safety pin to weave the waist tie into the waistband.
  7. Use this tutorial for the waist tie.
  8. Then weave the waist tie out through the stitches on the front and middle of the shorts.

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