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Josie handbag

Hook: 3 mm
Yarn: 2 strands of cotton, size 1. Link here (affiliate)
Stitches: single crochet (sc) and half double crochet (hdc)
Edging: 1 strand of cotton, size 1.
Colors: light green, white and black

1. Follow Josie bag pattern
2. Make 39 stitches and a total of 36 rows (incl. first and last)
3. The bottom corners are approximately 1 cm/2 rows
4. Close the sides so there it is 6 rows higher on the back
5. On the middle of the row (17 stitches in from each side) you make 5 hdc stitches and 5 rows.
6. The straps are: 4 hdc and 68 rows.
7. Sew them in place over half of the bag (approx. 8 rows) on each side.
8. Crochet an edge with sc in black yarn over the top edge of the bag, on top of the stitches on first row of hdc on the square (as seen on the last photo), as well as around the edge on the strap.
9. Finish with crocheting an edge on the bottom of the bag and up the sides. You crochet on top of the stitches by folding the bag and crocheting around or on top of the stitches or loops.
10. Finally sew a press on button or magnetic button onto the inside of the square and the same place on the bag so it matches. Now you can weave in the ends.

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Checkered Etna top

Checkers: 1 checker = 5 stitches x 3 rows.

Find the video tutorial here.

Change color the following way: in the last stitch of every checker: yarn over, into stitch, yarn over, pull through stitch, yarn over in new color, pull through all loops. Tighten the yarn every time you change color. At the end of every 3rd row is the only time you change color at the last stitch of the row. Once you start to decrease over multiple colors you do the same thing until the checker has less and less stitches. When the checkers at the start and end of the row has 1 stitch less you can blend it into the previous checker and use the same color as you did there.

  1. Follow the pattern for Etna top – but make sure you have 2 colors for your checkers. Use 3 mm hook and size 1/superfine/fingering cotton or tencel. I used a mix of both.
  2. Start with a row with only the primary color (lilac), make sure your stitch number can be divided with 5
  3. Then make 5 stitches in the primary color, then 5 stitches in the secondary color. Repeat.
  4. When 1 checker is 3 rows high you switch and use the opposite color.
  5. Finish with a strap with 130 chains, slip stitch back into the chains, single crochet down the side, when you reach the 1st decrease row you chain 130 again and ss back. Finish the row with sc and do the same on the other side.
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Mati Striped Mini Scarf

  1. Follow the long version in the pattern for Mati mini scarf – use same yarn and hook recommended
  2. Choose 2, 3 or 4 different colors – use them randomly and don’t cut them of, just bring them with you as you go
  3. Instead of crocheting in the back and front loop, crochet through both loops.
  4. Remove approx. 5 regular rows (no inc or dec) from the middle of the scarf as well as 8 regular rows from the beginning and end of the scarf, making the full scarf shorter in length
  5. Finish by crocheting a single crochet edge – approx 1 sc per row, spread out – chain 1 and the point of the scarf to keep the pointed shape.
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Chunky Josie bag

  1. Follow the pattern for Josie bag
  2. Use 10 mm hook and 2 strands of super bulky yarn, link here (affiliate)
  3. Start with a foundation of 12 stitches
  4. The bag is 25 cm long / 12,5 half way incl. the last row
  5. The strap is crocheted directly from the side seam using single crochet chainless foundation. It is 31 cm long (27 stitches)
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Checkered Josie Bag

  1. You will need to follow the Josie bag pattern.
  2. Use 3 mm hook and 2 strands of size 1/superfine cotton (50 g = 160 m) OR 1 strand of size 2/sport/baby
  3. Start with a foundation row of 33 stitches or approx. 15 cm.
  4. Change color on every 3rd stitch + after every 2nd row. This way creating checkers that are 3 stitches wide and 2 rows high.
  5. Make the bag approx. 22 cm/11 cm long, then finish with the opposite color edge that you started with
  6. Make the strap separatly as explained in the pattern, only make 3 stitches and change color at the end of every 2nd row.
  7. The bottom corners of this bag measures about 1,5-2 rows.
  8. Make the strap approx. 28 cm long. Sew it into the seam on each side.
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Doris Brushed Sweater

Hook: 5 mm and 6 mm
Yarn: 1 strand of size 2/sport or 2 strands of size 1/fingering. I used 2 strands of size 1 (50 g = 160 m), I used 353 grams in total
Stitches: half double crochet, single crochet for the edge (waist and wrists). Ch 1 and turn over after every row. You crochet through both loops.

1) Follow the pattern & guide for Doris sweater w. guide — I made mine cropped to just under the bust – make sure to measure the length over the bust to get the right length.
2) Use a 5 mm hook and start with a chainless foundation: first making sc for 7 cm (10 stitches), then switching to half double crochet.
3) When you have made the rows for the shoulder, mark the row to just over the bust (where you want the neckline to start).
4) Depending on where you are on the row either stop at the mark and crochet back or slip stitch until you reach the mark, then continue the row – this way removing stitches from the row where they neckline is.
5) Then continue in rows with no decreases until you only have the shoulder measurement left on the panel.
6) When you reach the end of the row (where the mark would be) chain until you have the same number of stitches as you removed at step 4. (+ 1 chain as turning chain) this way creating length again for the second shoulder.
7) For the other panel (back) you can either just make rows with no decrease at all or you can do the same as step 4, 5, 6 but only decrease by 3-4 cm. This way creating a few cm of shoulder on each side of the panel.
8) Slip stitch the panels together over shoulder and sides.
9) Make the sleeves with a size 6 mm hook – making the same stitches as the body – single crochet first and then half double crochet.
10) Join the sleeves and crochet them onto the sleeve opening – then brush the sweater with a soft brush (nail brush, pumice stone or dry brushing brush) – brush back and forth or in circles until you have the look you want.

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Elastic Corset Waist Top

Hook: 3 mm
Yarn: White organic cotton, superfine/size 1/fingering, 50 g = 160 m.
Elatic thread: 4 pieces of elastic, depending on your size at least 1 meter is required. I used 2 meters.

Measurement 1: Below bust to waist
Measurement 2: Waist circumference + 3 cm
Elastic thread measurement: Waist circumference / 1,5
Measurement 3: Below bust to neck – 10 cm

My example:
2) 14 cm
2) 75 + 3 = 78 cm
75 / 1,5 = 50 cm
3) 24-10 = 14 cm