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Checkered Josie Bag

  1. You will need to follow the Josie bag pattern.
  2. Use 3 mm hook and 2 strands of size 1/superfine cotton (50 g = 160 m) OR 1 strand of size 2/sport/baby
  3. Start with a foundation row of 33 stitches or approx. 15 cm.
  4. Change color on every 3rd stitch + after every 2nd row. This way creating checkers that are 3 stitches wide and 2 rows high.
  5. Make the bag approx. 22 cm/11 cm long, then finish with the opposite color edge that you started with
  6. Make the strap separatly as explained in the pattern, only make 3 stitches and change color at the end of every 2nd row.
  7. The bottom corners of this bag measures about 1,5-2 rows.
  8. Make the strap approx. 28 cm long. Sew it into the seam on each side.

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