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Florence top with straps

Hook: 3 mm
Yarn: Cotton, superfine/size 1. Link to a cheap yarn with lots of pretty colors here (affiliate).

  1. Follow pattern for Florence top – but instead of sc use hdc stitches. The fit and drape will be different. You can of course also use sc as the pattern.
  2. Finish the top as the pattern says, now measure your measurement over your shoulder – from armpit to armpit, see video here for guide to how to measure. Of course you can also try on the top as you go!
  3. Now place your top flat as pictured above. Insert your hook in the side with a slip stitch and repeat the stitches for the body until you have the strap with you want.
  4. Crochet back and forth until you have your measurement or until you have the length you want.
  5. Slip stitch into the opposite side of the top, repeat the same with the other side.

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