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Holly bucket hat

  • Follow the Holly hat pattern and use single crochet
  • Use 4 mm hook and 2 strands of superfine/size 1 cotton
  • When you reach the increases on the brim, only increase half as much as increase randomly. (depending on the stitches you use, you increase either 4, 5 or 6 stitches per round)
  • When you have the length you want, finish and break off the yarn.

Other tips for Holly hat:
– If you want a smooth circle make sure to just increase randomly.

– If you want a pointy edge (to the brim as well), mark every other increase (every other point) that you made on your last increase round that you made before making the actual tube. This way you know when to increase when you start the brim (as the increase is made in the same stitch on each round).

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