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Chunky Etna top

Hook: 10 mm (beige top) or 6 mm (grey top)
Yarn: Size 8/super bulky/14 ply, wool, 50 g = 50 m (I used 90 grams)
Or size 4/aran/worsted, cotton, 50 g = 125 m.
Click here or here for the yarn I used (affiliate).

Follow pattern for Etna top but make half as many decreases. For the grey top crochet use single crochet instead.

For the straps: chain 80 (or 10 for the grey top) and crochet hdc slip stitches: Yarn over, hook through chain, yarn over, pull through stitch and all loops. Repeat through the remaining chains.

For elastic back:

For the straps only chain 40 (70 for the grey top). Repeat the hdc slip stitch above.

Cut a piece of 5 mm elastic that measures about 20 cm. Attach to both sides of the top with safety pin. With a 4 mm hook crochet single crochet around the elastic until it covers it. Sew in the elastic. Use this tutorial.

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