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How to Become Self-Employed

Do you have a dream of becoming self-employed?
Are you unsure of how and where to start?
Then continue reading!

I’ve been self-employed for almost 16 months. I spent years before going full time just spending time practising my skills, posting to Instagram and sketching. But it took me 8-9 months from when I decided to go self-employed to being able to live off my income (kinda).

1. Figure out what you want to do and start doing that every day.

Spend your free time doing what you love and what you’re good at and experiment and grow your skills.

2. Have a savings account or a part time job on the side.

This way you can focus most of your time on your business but still make sure you get money to pay your bills.

3. Research the market you are in.

What are other businesses in your niche doing? What are they’re prices and who are their customers?

4. Use social media.

We’re so lucky we have social media to spread our message across continents. Use hashtag to describe what kind of work you do, follow and interact with other in the same field as yours and post consistently.

5. Define your brand.

Find out why you are doing this and what your niche is – what is your talent? How can you help your customers? What makes you stand out from other people in the field? How are you working – what’s your inspiration, what kind of work do you like to do in that field?

6. Work with other people.

Find other people in the same field as you or someone who you feel you can work with to help each other get more customers or just get your name out there.

7. Hang up flyers at your local library or reach out to a local newspaper.

You can try and get your name out there in your town or local area.

8. Continue to do what you love.

Even though you are not making any money it will happen for you eventually. It doesn’t mean that you have to break yourself and work 70 hours a week to reach that goal. It takes time and hard work but remember to stay true to your work and take breaks as well so you don’t wear yourself out.

Ideas on how to earn money on your talent:

For instance if your field is in playing an instrument, here are some ideas on how to make money:

– play gigs
– start a youtube channel
– post music to spotify
– play in the street (if it’s legal where you live!)
– play at weddings and other parties (try to reach out to your friends and family first if that’s easier)
– teach music (online or in person)
– write an e-book about music
– start a blog where you share your knowledge on music or review other’s music
– sell your music as royalty free music

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  1. Thank you for the positive advices it’s useful for me

    1. That is so great to hear! Thank you Minn 🙂

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