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Jolene lace top

  1. Follow the pattern for Jolene top
  2. Use a 4,5 mm hook and superfine cotton: 50 g = 160 m. I used 46 g for my size S/M incl. bra cups.
  3. Use Ternion stitch and make them ON TOP of each other if you want it like my version.
  4. Increase 2 per row: Increase by making 1 ternion stitch in the same stitch: *dc, sc, ch*
  5. If you want you can make an edge on each side with approx. 2-3 sc around every row.
  6. Bra cups: If you don’t want to use nipple covers make a small version of a bra cup (try it on as you go). It just needs to be big enough to cover a little bit more than the nipple area.
  7. Put on the top and secure the bra cups with a safety pin where you want them.
  8. Then sew them in place through the stitches.
  9. For the cowl you can simple tie a piece of yarn around the rows and weave them in.

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