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Josie Y2K handbag

Hook: 3 mm
Yarn: 2 strands of cotton, size 1. Link here (affiliate)
Stitches: single crochet (sc) and half double crochet (hdc)
Edging: 1 strand of cotton, size 1, 50 g = 160 m.
Colors: light green, white and black

1. Follow Josie bag pattern
2. Make 39 stitches and a total of 36 rows (incl. first and last)
3. The bottom corners are approximately 1 cm/2 rows
4. Close the sides so there are 6 rows more on the back
5. On the middle of the row (about 17 stitches in from each side) you make 5 hdc stitches and 5 rows.
6. The straps are: 4 hdc and 68 rows.
7. Sew them in place over half of the bag (approx. 8 rows) on each side.
8. Crochet an edge with sc in black yarn over the top edge of the bag, on top of the stitches on first row of hdc on the square (as seen on the last photo), as well as around the edge on the strap.
9. Finish with crocheting an edge on the bottom of the bag and up the sides. You crochet on top of the stitches by folding the bag and crocheting around or on top of the stitches or loops.
10. Finally sew a press on button or magnetic button onto the inside of the square and the same place on the bag so it matches. Now you can weave in the ends.

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